Almost Chosen Nation

That America is a chosen nation–not in the Religious Right sense of that term–but in the sense of being the obvious guardians of liberty on earth, is, in my mind, so plain as to be beyond argument. (Imagine America suddenly disappearing. The result: absolute chaos, total anarchy, demoniacal totalitarianism). No doubt we needed Niebuhr’s warning about the danger of national hubris, but Niebuhr got America wrong.

Of course, we always need fresh reminders that Uncle Sam is not Jesus and the American Dream is not the Kingdom of God, but we must be careful not to go overboard and exclude America as a possible vehicle toward some greater eschatological purpose, like Savonarola’s Florence, Calvin’s Geneva or Knox’s Scotland and, arguably, Cromwell’s England.

When God intervenes in history with another great awakening, we must expect no limits to the expansion of His kingdom on earth. In the expansion of His kingdom, He may choose to stop at the gates of Caesar’s kingdom and let it stand; or He might break down the gates and take it over.

We should never cease striving to bring the Lordship of Christ to every sphere of life. And if that means Christocracy, all the better!!